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While conducting payments on our website, you are using payment – an advanced system for secure acceptance of credit cards on the Internet.
Payment ensures complete privacy of your credit card data from the moment you type them in to the Payment payment form. Data required for billing is forwarded encrypted from your web browser to the bank that issued your payment card. Our store never comes into contact with your sensitive payment card data. Similarly, Payment operators cannot access your complete cardholder data. An isolated system core independently transmits and manages sensitive data while at the same time keeping it completely safe.
The form for entering payment data is secured by an SSL transmission cypher of the greatest reliability. All stored data is additionally protected by hi-grade encryption, using hardware devices certified by FIPS 140 2 Level 3 standard. Payment fulfils all of the requirements for safe online payment prescribed by the leading credit card brands, operating in compliance with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard-the highest security standard of the payment card industry. Payments made by cards enrolled with the 3-D Secure program are further authenticated by the issuing bank, confirming your identity through the use of a token or a password.

All information collected by Payment system is considered a banking secret and treated accordingly. The information is used exclusively for the purposes for which they were intended.Your sensitive data is fully secure and its privacy is guaranteed by the state of the art safeguard mechanisms. We collect only the data necessary for performing the work in accordance with the demanding prescribed procedures for online payment.
Security controls and operating procedures applied within the WspayPay infrastructure not only ensure the current reliability of Payment but permanently maintain and enhance the security levels of protecting your credit card information by maintaining strict access controls, regular security and in-depth system checks for preventing network vulnerabilities.


MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK (hereinafter: “MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK” or “Controller”) acts as the controller of personal data.
MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK collects personal data to fulfil a contract, in particular, to deliver “Pdf Course” and to provide a service “1 on 1”, also in contract designing, technical support and credit or debit card payment authorization for which legal basis is laid down in Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation. In other words, data processing is necessary for contract fulfilment in which the data subject is a party or in order to take action on the data subject’s request before the contract is concluded.
Furthermore, personal data is processed in order to store orders made by the buyers, to identify specific users and to analyze business activity for which the basis is laid down in Article 6(1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, since the data processing is necessary for the need to legitimately improve business activity and adapt according to the market needs.
In special cases, if you have given us your permission, your contact data can be used for direct marketing for which the legal basis is laid down in Article 6(1) (a), which states that the data subject has given their consent for personal data processing for one or more specific purposes.

If you as a user have any questions regarding personal data protection, you can contact MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK, or you can contact our data protection support via:
The user as a data subject is responsible and obligated to browse and study before sharing any personal data.
Processed personal data and personal data usage

MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK collects the following personal subject data:
• Name and Surname;
• E-mail address.
• Address
• City
• ZIp
• State

Insight into personal user data can be granted to, when conducting their scope of work concerning buying and selling which users make with MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK, legal persons that take part in sales contract fulfilment, for example, delivery agencies, accounting agencies, IT support and similar with whom we determine the scope and the means of personal data protection through contractual agreements.
MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK can give the listed information to third parties in order to fulfil the contract, protect the users’ and MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK's interests and to stop the potential abuse, in order to get the best possible insight and understanding into individual user needs and requests, as well as to develop the highest possible quality of service provision by MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK, which should result in increased user satisfaction for which legal basis is the legitimate interest of the controller described in Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data storage

MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK will ensure that the personal user data is kept in a safe location (which includes a reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection in order to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying or modification of personal data), access to which will be granted only to authorized MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK personnel.
MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK does not record or store users’ transaction data needed for card payment. MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK will protect personal data to the extent laid down in specific legal regulations (for example, data on financial transactions is stored for 11 years, as laid down by the Accounting Act) or until the right to use the data is repealed as per the data subjects’ wish if it does not interfere with the legal regulations.
The controller has taken the technical, personnel and organizational, personal data protection measures necessary to protect personal data from accidental loss or destruction and from unauthorized access, modification, publication or any other form of abuse and has determined that it is the obligation of data processing personnel to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Information regarding your rights

In accordance with applicable regulations on data privacy protection, you have the following rights:
• The right to information on your stored personal data
• The right to request corrections, erasure or restricted use of your personal data
• The right to objection to data processing for our own legitimate interest, public interest or profiling, except if we can prove that there are convincing, justified reasons above your interests, rights and freedoms, or that such processing is carried out because of validation, application or defense of legal requirements
• The right of data transmission
• The right to file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Agency.
• At any point in time, you can withdraw your consent regarding your personal data collection, processing or usage. For further info, read above to find out more on data processing based on your consent.
If you have any questions regarding your rights, you can contact our data protection support at:
You will receive a response no later than 30 days after the filing date.

Data protection

MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK finds personal data protection extremely important and has taken a number of precautions in order to protect the users’ personal data. The users can access their personal data on with a password and an email address.

Links to other websites

This Data Protection Information applies only to the usage of data that MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK collects from data subjects.
Other websites that can be accessed via have their own confidentiality agreements and privacy policies. If a user visits another website through, MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK advises users to check the data confidentiality agreement of the website, since MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK is not responsible for conditions of work of other websites.

Other data

User’s privacy

According to European Union directive, MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK informs its users that the website uses Cookies, in order to provide the best possible service.
Cookies in users’ browsers allow MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK to provide adequate functionality of all features of the internet portal, to adjust certain content specifically to the needs of each individual user, and to constantly improve the Portal based on the visits analysis.

Users can decide how Cookies are stored in their browser settings. With the goal of constant user experience improvement, while browsing the Portal MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK must store little pieces of information on the user’s computer (Cookies). More than 90% of websites use this policy, but in accordance with Union legislation as of March 25th 2011, MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK is obliged to request the user’s consent before storing the Cookies.
When using the website, user consents to use Cookies. If the user wishes to block Cookies he will be able to browse the website, but some of its features might be inaccessible.

Changes in the Data Protection Information

MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK withholds the right to amend Data Protection Information at any moment by publishing amended text on the website
Amendments to the General Conditions for the Protection of Personal Data will take effect immediately upon publication on the website Therefore, the user shall be advised to check the existing privacy policy in good time.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is information stored on the user’s computer by a website that they have visited. Cookies normally save the user’s preferences and settings for the website, such as the preferred language or address. When a user visits the same website afterwards, their internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to this site.
This feature enables MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK to show information adjusted to each individual user’s needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal information (such as the user’s name or e-mail address). However, this information can be saved only when the user enables the feature – websites cannot gain access to information that the user did not give permission for, and they cannot access other files on the user’s computer.
The default activities for storing and sending cookies are not visible to users. However, the user can alter their internet browser settings in such a way that they can choose whether they want to approve or reject requests for storing cookies, for example, by deleting the saved Cookies automatically when the internet browser is closed.
Besides personal data, MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK can ask for other data from data subjects through which data subjects can be identified, but is not considered personal data (for example, data on website usage, computer data, internet provider data, preferences, hobbies, interests, activities) and which provide MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK with higher quality, more precise and more personalized content for users, better websites and additional content customization for users. Based on these data, MILLIONAIRE BEHIND MASK gains information on the most popular content among specific users.

Types of cookies

Persistent cookies - These remain on your hard drive until you erase them or they expire. How long a cookie remains on your browser depends on how long the visited website has programmed the cookie to last.
During your visit, you select your preferences (for example: authentication, language selection, cookies etc.) and these preferences are remembered, through the use of the persistent cookie, the next time you visit the site.
Session cookies - these are temporary and they expire as soon as you close your browser at the end of your surfing session. The next time you visit that particular site it will not recognize you and will treat you as a completely new visitor as there is nothing in your browser to let the site know that you have visited before (for example: websites you visited, remembering your actions when you’re shopping online, otherwise, whenever you would go to check-out, your cart would be empty).
Third-party cookies, also referred to as tracking cookies, collect data based on your online behavior. When you visit a website, third-party cookies collect various types of data that are then passed on or sold to advertisers by the website that created the cookie. Tracking your interests, location, age, and search trends, these cookies collect information so that marketers can provide you with custom advertisements. These are the ads that appear on websites you visit and display content relevant to your interests.


Persistent cookies - disabling these cookies may prevent users from using certain parts of the website, these don’t store your personal data;
Site preferences – these cookies ensure faster and more convenient access to website, remember your information and settings when you visit them in the future. This result in since, for example, when you revisit the site it ensure that the content is delivered in language you chose last time you visited.
Marketing cookies used to track a user’s activity (location – state or town you are in, do you use computer, tablet or phone) it is done completely anonymously and you need to give us permission before we use these cookies.

Third party cookies – these cookies, by tracking your search trends, collect information so we could provide you with custom advertisements. These are the ads that appear on websites you visit and display content relevant to your interests. This tracking is done anonymously also. If you block them, for example we won’t be able to provide you with custom ads.
This privacy policy applies from September 15, 2019.